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First 5 Years in Business

Help with growing your business and keeping you on the right financial track

We pride ourselves on providing a wide range of services for business owners.
Click on the dropdowns below for details on how we help our clients. If you would like to discuss any of this or need further information please give us a call.


We help our clients claim all allowable deductions from their income before tax is calculated. We look at your business structure and financing to make sure you claim your tax credits and ensure your investments are structured in the best possible way. 

You'll receive tax savings from the deductions claimed and from better income allocation and more deductible interest costs. The IRD will also give you more tax back in your tax return. On your investments, you can receive more interest after tax by using the PIE structure.
- Client using his vehicle for business & only claiming petrol - we found the best way to claim additional deductions resulting in a saving of $950 in tax.
- Client with a successful business but had tax losses not being used in his trust - moved the business ownership to the trust for long term security reasons and incidentally used up the tax losses over 3 years saving $11,000 in tax.
- Client had overlooked claiming their income protection insurance. We processed this for them recovering $650 in tax.
- Client had $150,000 on term deposit paying the top tax rate on this. We got them to change to PIE with the same bank - with the PIR set at the allowed rate saving 3% in tax amounting to $226 every year.


Let us look after your IRD returns. Our expertise and involvement will minimize your exposure to IRD problems.
Client – knowing that we work to ensure that all tax returns are honest and comply with the IRD rules – realised that there is less risk of IRD audit and told us that this factor means a lot to them – they “can sleep at night”


We will work with you and your business to see where you are now and where you want to get to and discuss an action programme with you for implementation. You get to choose the level of our involvement with a set target for the costs and benefits of the agreed plan.
A client that we work with on a monthly basis has, with our help, set goals for both the medium term and longer term and is 16% ahead of their profitability when compared to last year and feeling a newfound confidence on where their future is tracking.


We will work with you and your business to see where you are now and where you want to get to and discuss an action programme with you for implementation. You get to choose the level of our involvement with a set target for the costs and benefits of the agreed plan.
A client that we work with on a monthly basis has, with our help, set goals for both the medium term and longer term and is 16% ahead of their profitability when compared to last year and feeling a newfound confidence on where their future is tracking.

HELP WITH questions on business & Tax

As well as looking after your annual accounting and tax we can be available as required to visit you at your place to discuss business and tax matters or answer questions on the phone. You always have us available to help you as and when required.
A client called us to help with a decision on whether to buy or lease his work vehicle. Based on his situation and the transaction we recommended he fund the purchase from his bank – saving $1,300 in interest costs over the 36 month repayment period.


We can help you with your presentation and have successfully assisted clients in this way before, including attending the meeting at the bank as well. Your bank application has a greater chance of success.
A client who had taken an opportunity to buy significantly more business assets was then very tight on funds, incurring IRD late fees & penalties etc. With our help they received bank funding which will save over $5,000 over the course of the year.


We will discuss the advantages and disadvantages & costs of trusts with you. You get to make an informed choice on whether trusts can help you and potentially save a lot of costs & future risks with peace of mind.
A client who did not have a trust – we worked through the business risks and family structure and based on their comprehensive insurances and overall profile they decided to continue without a trust – saving the costs involved.


We can help you with your accounting processes and monthly reporting to a level that works with your own skills & resources. Being able to relate your business efforts with the financial outcomes on a regular basis will help you achieve your live goals and dreams.
Clients with a cash based business came onto the Xero software product and can now see their performance, read the trend graphs against last year and budget and have improved their profitability as a result.

Save time doing your books

We can help assess whether your current accounting software is the most appropriate for your needs and possibly present alternative options. The options we present may be able to save you both time and money.
Clients who had been manually entering their data into a software product moved to BankLink simplifying and streamlining their processes and saving over half the time they used to spend on their books & GST work. They now have more family time!

Understanding your ACC bill

We have direct access to ACC and experience with the ACC processes. This may help you by achieving a lower ACC category for your partner in business, getting the benefit of an ACC discount or, for self-employed clients, getting on to ACC Cover Plus Extra to improve the value of ACC to you.
We have a client who nominated a lower ACC cover by using Cover Plus Extra and with the savings purchased a combined illness & accident insurance policy. He now has peace of mind in the event of not being able to work as a result of illness.

up to date tax returns

We can help you with the updating process and have a track record of success for clients in this area. You receive peace of mind and get your tax matters sorted. (Sometimes refunds can result from this including accessing Working for Families payouts.) 
One client was 5 years behind but had made voluntary payments to IRD. We were able to get over $50,000 in IRD penalties written off and she now focused on her business which is now growing again as a result.

claim for your vehicle

We have a wide range of experience in helping clients optimise their vehicle claims. You get to claim for your vehicle in the best way and reduce the risk of IRD audit in this often complex area of tax law.

After our conversation our client transferred his car into his company and even after allowing for Fringe benefit costs is now better off by $1,700 a year after tax.

Understand your business risks

We can help you with your business risks assessment and suggest appropriate insurance professionals for you to talk to where insurances need to be reviewed. This exercise can help you reduce risk, possibly save you some cost and might even save your business!
A client had insufficient key man insurance cover in place. We brought in our personal insurances expert and cost effective policies are now in place – creating not only peace of mind but a business continuity plan as well.

Is your current accountant doing enough?

We offer a 40 minute complimentary consultation to see if we can help you. You can make a risk free assessment of whether a change might help you. 
We met with this client who felt uncared for by their old accountants, we took over their work and they are now receiving regular help from us, have been able to save tax by claiming more deductions and feel that they are now getting much better value for money.

contact us

We are always happy to talk to businesses and landlords about how we can help them. 

You can contact us via email, phone or using the online form.
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  • As the Director of an Integrated Healthcare Practice with a number of clinics across the wider Auckland region, I would like to say just how priceless John and his team at JPCA have been for our company!

    We are so thankful for their help and it’s a pleasure to recommend them to everyone we know.
    Dean Rhodes, Bodyzone Physiotherapy
  • I’ve been using John's team now for 9 months as a new business owner and they have been great! Very helpful and understanding. I would like to say a special thanks to Himisha who has been exceptional - Thank you!
    Adam Ludlam, Hydroheat
  • John Packham C.A. are a great bunch to work with. Very commendable, timely, and helpful.
    Ryan T
  • Outstanding service and the correct advice from a Great Team. Could not be happier. 
    Norm Heley
  • We have used John’s services for more than 10 years for both personal and business accounting. He has always given friendly and professional service and shows an interest in all aspects of our business.
    His staff are a delight to work with and handle our accounting queries efficiently.
    We would have no hesitation in recommending John’s accounting services.
    Jeanne & Bob Hulme, Prescott Engineering Ltd
  • From a letter received by our lawyers:

    Thank you very much for recommending John Packham to me. He is the most responsive and professional small businessman I can ever remember coming across. His service, fees and advice have been exemplary.
    Client of David Gibbs
  • John Packham and his team are extremely professional people to deal with. We have been with them for over 4 years and they provide an exceptional service, 100% good communication and an outstanding support in the professional business.

     They are a top team which we highly recommend.
    Aura & John Suciu
  • John Packham Chartered Accountants have an awesome team that have helped us greatly with our new business.
    Gavin Fenning
  • John's an incredibly passionate and benevolent guy - worth the time to talk to if you need help with accounting or any other need - he can point you in the right direction.
    Ben Male, Team Empathy
  • John and his team are knowledgeable, efficient and highly competent. Highly recommend!
    Amy McHarg, Nandish Chiropractic
  • John Packham Chartered Accountants are great to deal with. I highly recommend them as true professionals.
    Lloyd Kyd, Kydco Tech
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