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Schedule emails

February 28, 2023

You want to send an email at a later time, but you’re going to be busy then.

What you can do is schedule sending an email at a given time and date. Most email programs allow you to do this, even on your cell phone. Here’s how with the main programs (other programs will be similar).

Gmail: When you go to hit send, click the small down arrow. A menu for delaying that email will open. Choose one of the suggested times or set your own.

Outlook: Look for the Tag Menu on the email message ribbon and click the small down arrow in the right-hand corner. The menu allows you to schedule the email send.

Mac Mail: Click the pop-up menu next to the Send button, then choose an option. Emails you choose to send later appear in the Send Later mailbox in the sidebar. 

Android phone or tablet: After composing your Gmail, tap More at the top right, tap Schedule.

Iphone: Tap and hold the Send button to see your scheduling options. You can see scheduled emails in the Send Later mailbox. 

You can also delay sending all emails by creating a Rule to defer delivery by x number of minutes. It has several steps, so Google “email schedule rules”.

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