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Replacement for tax invoices from 1 April 2023

February 28, 2023

Tax invoices are on their way out. In their place the buyer has to hold “taxable supply information”. 

This information can be kept in any form, such as a receipt. These new rules are effective from 1 April 2023. They require less information so you can continue using your current tax invoices.

For purchases of less than $200 the seller has to provide: supplier name, date of invoice, description of goods or services and the amount to be paid.

For purchases $200 up to $1000 the supplier must add the GST number and either the GST exclusive amount, amount of GST being added and the total inclusive amount, OR the GST inclusive amount and a statement saying it is the GST inclusive amount.

For purchases of more than $1000 the vendor must also include some additional information. For full details see and search “Rules for tax invoices”.

Click on “show all”. Down the page you will see “GST recordkeeping requirements and a box inviting you to “Choose your taxable supplies”.

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