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Increase your chances of getting the right staff

February 28, 2023

New Zealand is desperately short of employees. 

To increase your chances of attracting staff when you advertise, remember these rules:

  • Since you want potential employees to read the advertisement, get them excited about working for your firm. What’s so special that they would want to come and join you? Remember “what’s in it for me”? That’s what the potential employee wants to hear.
  • For print advertisements, don’t forget the importance of a powerful headline. You’ve got to catch the reader’s eye.

Make the advertisement easy to read. Reverse type for text (white on black or similar) is not noticed as easily or as readable as standard black type, and doesn’t usually work well on newsprint.

Make it as easy as possible for potential employees to contact you. Many will read the ad outside normal working hours. You might just have to do be prepared to answer the phone when it suits them.

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