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How having a Rental Manager can save you costs and increase your net revenues

February 28, 2023

Isaac has joined our BNI Howick team and his business, Pukeko Rental Managers, have a unique offer for you if you own a rental investment property.

Apart from all of the legal “fish hooks” (not knowing these can be very costly for you) the main income risk of managing your own property is that your rent income will be impacted by not keeping up with the market rates and, because you know the tenants, feeling that you can’t increase the rent – thereby falling behind the market.

So, your rental manager can protect you from risks, optimise your income, and give you peace of mind as an extra bonus!

Pukeko Rental Managers is a boutique residential property management company limiting ourselves to no more than 100 properties. We specialized in helping our clients get the most value on their investment property.

  • Tailored high-quality service - a Pukeko Manager works on every property personally.
  • Transparency - flat fee structure, no hidden fees, no markups, no inspection fees 

We cover all aspects of residential property management including:

  • Tenant sourcing and selection. (including a credit check, and reference vetting)
  • Quarterly inspection and thorough reporting
  • Property maintenance • METH testing 

Types of problems we help clients with include:

Getting rent 52 weeks of the year

Seamless changeover between tenants

Swift resolution of tenant problems

Keeping landlords up to date with rules, regulations, and insurance requirements. 

Benefits of having a Property Manager. (Things they do on your behalf)

Focus on marketing your properties and managing tenant viewing

Interviews and thoroughly vet potential tenant

Prepares detailed Entry Condition reports

Signs all tenancy document and distributes to relevant parties

Completes quarterly property inspections - Lodges all bonds with Tenancy Services - Collects all rents and water payments due - Exercises “landlord rights” to terminate tenancies

Serves tenant notices

Completes final inspection and process bond ref
unds Ensures compliance with Residential Tenancies Act. (Healthy Homes Requirements, Meth Testing, Smoke alarm, etc)

Arranges repairs and maintenance

Tribunal representation

Rental reviews and increas

Pukeko Rental Managers

8 Marlon Lane, East TamakiAuckland, 201

021 0874 4150 x. 

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