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Keep work tech at home up to date

November 15, 2022

If you’re working for a business from home, you might not have the most efficient technology to work efficiently.

Lucky employees will have access to a team who can keep them upgraded, but often you’ll be expected to keep both hardware and software up to date. Assuming you have a reasonably new computer system, here’s a few tips to stay on top of the technology, and avoid frustrating down-time when something’s not working right.

Keep software, especially operating systems, up to date. When an upgrade is suggested, download and install. They almost always include fixes for the glitches found in previous systems, and better security.

Talking security, it’s vital. You’re always prone to cyber attack, so check you have the best security system available. Check it out online, read reviews and talk to experts. If you get a cyber attack, it could hit you personally and put your employer at risk.

Check that you have the best internet connection. Get fibre if it’s available. Plenty of online “speed tests” will tell you how well your internet is working. Poor performance slows down productivity and is always frustrating. 

Most likely you’ll have to store plenty of data, which will eventually clog up your PC and slow you down. Use the cloud to store data – it will ensure you never lose files if your computer crashes. While you’re at it, consider getting all those space-hogging personal photos and videos off your hard drive and put them on the cloud.

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