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Time to change habits

February 17, 2022

We all understand time, don’t we? Or do many of us take time for granted? We behave like we “have all the time in the world”, but we don’t. A tongue in cheek remark tells us “Life is a terminal condition.” An optimist gets on with it, but a pessimist worries about it.

Our upbringing, whether it is cultural or familial or both, influences our attitudes, habits, behaviours, and relationships.Time. We don’t know how much we have got left but many of us behave as if we have an endless supply and are shocked when someone we know suddenly “runs out of time.”

We talk about saving time and making time, but the reality is that we can only use time. So how to use the unknown amount we have effectively? We can and must learn from the past and we must plan for the future, but we can only act in the present! If we don’t act in the present, we are guilty of procrastination. COVID has made it worse for many of us who have turned inwards and let time go by.

Let’s make a new start. How many boxes do you have in your life? One for the family, one for work, another for friends, another for outside interests. Compartmentalising our life is a very ineffective way of using our time and we end up with inevitable conflicts between work and home, home and interests ... you get the picture. Our reality is that we only have One Life and that is how we need to plan.

Our plan is all about our activities and our relationships. What are our priorities, and do our activities help our relationships to improve or deteriorate? Let’s start with our priorities.

#1 – My relationship with myself. If I can’t look after myself, how can I look after my family or my business effectively. Where is personal time, health, diet, exercise, and self-development in my plan?
#2 – My personal relationships. Love, intimacy, and friendship need time, our time. It is unrealistic to expect them to be fulfilling unless we are both giving and receiving.
#3 – My business. Why did I go into business? If it was just for the money, good luck. Points 1 and 2 don’t wait and are very hard to get back. If it was to have a better life, perhaps 1 and 2 and 3 together will provide you with success.

Now for the good news. If this has stirred you to make a new plan, don’t procrastinate! Register for Activate Tamaki Makaurau, Nominate us as your preferred provider and the government will likely pay for your plan.

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