Get the flight right

BE careful when booking flights on line. 


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Trustees need to minute their decisions

IF you have a family trust, be fussy about recording trustees’ decisions. 


One problem that arises is taking money out of the trust for your own use. This can be:

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Choose your internet service provider with care

A COUPLE of months ago some horrendous stories were published in the daily papers about businesses unable to function because they could not get their internet connection repaired. 


One firm in Auckland was without the internet for five weeks. One supplier said: “The average time to fix the fault has increased to more than 60 hours, with some customers waiting considerably longer.”

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Some contractors to choose their own tax rate

FROM 1 April 2017, the Government is proposing to allow contractors whose income is subject to withholding tax deductions, to choose their own tax rates.


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Don’t grab all the money

IF you sell your business, which you run through a company, the money does not belong to you. It belongs to the company. 


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New rules for mileage rates

A BILL is before Parliament which has a section dealing with tax deductions based on mileage.


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What can I claim?

A PENSIONER got remarried and decided to rent out her former home. It was one of a group of houses.


A tradesman made an offer to a group of house owners, including hers, to clean all their windows for $100 each. 


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Go for the shortcuts

IT’S true – most of us only scratch the surface of what's possible when we use our computers.


Underlying all the usual stuff we do daily, are a multitude of smart tricks that can make life easier, improve productivity and ease the pain of OOS.


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