New rules for mileage rates

A BILL is before Parliament which has a section dealing with tax deductions based on mileage.


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What can I claim?

A PENSIONER got remarried and decided to rent out her former home. It was one of a group of houses.


A tradesman made an offer to a group of house owners, including hers, to clean all their windows for $100 each. 


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Go for the shortcuts

IT’S true – most of us only scratch the surface of what's possible when we use our computers.


Underlying all the usual stuff we do daily, are a multitude of smart tricks that can make life easier, improve productivity and ease the pain of OOS.


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Beware terms and conditions

Many large suppliers seem to be using their terms and conditions in ingenious ways to take advantage of their customers. 


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Winter blues tips

With positive thoughts we experience pleasant and happy feelings. Unfortunately, in the midst of winter, it is easy to lose sight of our positive thoughts where the days are short, the temperature low and grey clouds surround us. However, it is important to make the effort to maintain a positive outlook on work, family and life in general. 


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Witnessing history

Over the last few months we have witnessed history, with the majority vote in favour of Britain leaving the European Union (EU). This was a surprise to many, and sent shockwaves around the world. In the days following the vote, the value of the pound declined substantially, and this instability may continue into the future as long as uncertainty is prevalent.


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Labour’s housing policy

The Labour party has recently released an overview of its new housing policy designed to tackle New Zealand’s housing “crisis”. Labour are of the view that property “speculators” are driving house prices out of reach of first home buyers and have proposed new measures to resolve the issue. There is currently a lack of detail around how exactly the new measures will apply, but based on the details available, they could have an impact should Labour be successful in next year’s election.


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Winding up a company

Recently, there has been an increased level of sophistication on the part of Inland Revenue (IRD) when reviewing company windups. Important points to bear in mind when winding up a company are outlined below. 


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