Follow up, systematically

Do you ever send an email with a request and never hear back? 
One way to keep control is to transfer a copy from your sent file into a follow-up folder on your desktop. You could have a folder for each week. Then once a week go through this folder to see who has not responded to your emails. 
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Trusts with only a family home

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Avoid the bad payers

The first rule about debts is to try and avoid customers who don’t pay what they owe you. If the amount is going to be large, get a deposit first, get a credit report, or both. 
When you get a bad payer:
  • Get onto the customer quickly.
  • Follow up on a planned basis and minimise the time between each follow-up.
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Vehicle purchase decisions never been trickier

It has never been trickier to analyse the costs and benefits of buying a new car, especially because of the claims about electric and hybrids cars saving you money.
But will they in the long run? It’s worth comparing costs for equivalent petrol or diesel cars. List them, and include the loss in value of your car each year and calculate the annual cost of ownership.
The things you need to consider include:
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Set out to succeed

According to international business information service Bloomberg, eight out of 10 new businesses fail in the first 18 months.
If you want to be one of the two out of 10 who succeed, there's plenty of useful advice from experts. A web search will throw out lots of tips, but some consistent messages come through.
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Windows 10 tips and tricks

Find a file by clicking on the magnifying glass symbol on the toolbar. Type in the name of the missing file and if it exists, it will be located for you.
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Keeping a log book made easy

Keeping a vehicle log book is a bind. 
Inland Revenue requires you to note your opening odometer reading and closing odometer reading over a three-month period. It will allow you to record your business trips only, over that period. Unfortunately, if you overlook a business trip, it will become a private trip by default.
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Money laundering hits accountants

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